Elective Coursework – Sample 1

“Importance of Incorporating Graphic Novels into Children’s Library Collections & Programming”

Course: IS 425 “Library Services and Programs for Children” (Fall 2018)

Justification: In Fall 2018, I took Roger Kelly’s IS 425 “Library Services and Programs for Children” course which explored children’s librarianship. I really enjoyed the class as it not only allowed me to learn about the children’s library patron population and their needs, but I also got to tap into my creative side. Per the course syllabus, the final assignment for the course was to “choose an aspect of children’s library services, programming, technology or history and write a 6-10 page paper or prepare a creative project around one of those themes”.  As such, I decided to  write a paper about the importance of incorporating graphic novels into children’s library collections and programming, as well as to create a graphic novel program proposal for a children’s public library. The full text of the paper and program are below.

I felt it important to include this assignment in my portfolio as it relates to my library studies interests and showcases my ability to create programs for young patrons.

Elective Coursework – Sample 1: The full text of this paper and program proposal are available here.

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